Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 2007 - American and European miniatures

As has been mentioned elsewhere, one intention of forming this collection is provide a reference for little known artists.

Other intentions are to provide unusual examples of the miniaturist's work and also to show the range of case work, particularly American, used to house miniatures.

Thus this month includes an example from each of these categories.

The "unusual" miniature is a family group by the American artist, Claude Potter Newell.

It is unusually large, being 350 mm x 270 mm, but has a lot more in common with the art of the miniature painter, than with the work of a painter of large portraits.

For more about the portrait, including some close up images, and explanation of the comment, see Newell, Claude Potter - portrait of lady and daugh...

The other painted miniature of a man shown here has been identified by a kind visitor to the website as by the Russian artist Prince Dondoukoff-Iziedinoff.

It is a late example of the miniaturist's art, being painted in 1950.

For more about it see Dondoukoff-Iziedinoff, Prince - portrait of a man

The third image is of a photograph contained in a case of similar design to those used to house painted miniatures.

As is common with most American miniature cases of the 19C, it is front opening and has a small window in the rear.

This rear window usually contains a lock of hair, but sometimes a small photograph.

It is a good example of the kind of case work used for miniatures and is illustrative of the cross-over between paintings and photographs. For more examples in this collection of photographs in cases like this, see Miniatures and the Photograph

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