Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 2007 - British and American miniatures

Miniatures for July included this group of two British miniatures and four from America. The British one of a man in a blue coat is attributed to Charles Robertson who mainly worked in Dublin. For more on the attribution see Robertson, Charles - portrait of a man in a blue c...

That of the lady with a large bonnet, is also British and is an interesting example of the style of costume worn in the late 18C; see Unknown - portrait of a lady wearing a bonnet

American miniature portrait in profile are much less common than full face and that of a man wearing a queue is thought to date from the late 18C . It has been attributed to Samuel Folwell (1765-1813) see Folwell, Samuel - portrait of a man

The full face portrait of a young man named John Webster is attributed to Thomas Edwards who worked in Boston. For more about John Webster see Edwards, Thomas - portrait of John Webster

Additions of late 19C American portraits are both by Janet Derinda Wheeler who mainly worked in Philadelphia. There is more about Janet Wheeler at Wheeler, Janet - portrait of man and lady

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