Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 2007 - American miniatures

American additions during May totalled totalled six miniatures. Three unsigned ones being 18C and 19C are in the American 2 gallery, and the three signed ones being included in the American 20C gallery.

The early one of a lady in a pale yellow dress in a much later case, is inscribed on the reverse "Mrs David Rushton Maverick by James Peale". David Rushton Maverick was a famous New York engraver of the late 18C and early 19C. However, there is uncertainty about the attribution to Peale, see Peale, James - portrait of Rebecca Reynolds Maveri...

The 1820 miniature of the man with a white tie is unsigned and unidentified, but there is a trade card for A Lindlsey inside the case. It may be from the New York area, see Unknown - portrait of a young man

The 1835 miniature of a man with a black tie, is very finely painted and is thought to be by Hugh Bridport, see Bridport, Hugh - portrrait of a man

Three 20C miniatures are all signed. One of a young lady is by Alice Preble Tucker de Haas and dated 1896, see De Haas, Alice Preble Tucker - portrait of a young...

That of the older lady is signed by Marian Dunlap Harper, see Harper, Marian Dunlap - portrait of a lady And the miniature of a 20C man is signed by M Hartman, see Hartman, M - portrait of a man

As the latter two were acquired from the same vendor at the same time, it is quite possible they are mother and son, there being a striking facial similarity, despite being by two different artists.

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